How Do Websites Work?

  • Because of these things
    • A browser is a piece of software, downloaded or already included on your computer.
    • DNS Servers maintain a directory of Domain Names and translate them into IP addresses.
    • Web browsers and servers are a client-server program. the client must request the browser that is connected to a server.
    • a URL is a link to a specific site when an IP is giving information to a host networkdownload (1) download url-small
    • Key Terms:
    • WEB & IM &  Email & FTP

Additional Software

IIS: Internet Information Services (IIS) is a Microsoft web server. It “provides a secure, easy-to-manage, modular and extensible platform for reliably hosting websites, services and applications” (Microsoft) so you can host your own sites and servers. It is a flexible web server, and it is used often.

OS x server: OS x server is an Apple software that can do:

  • screen sharing
  • printer sharing
  • file sharing

It is similar to IIS, but Apple made it and its a bit different because it has different creators

Major Operating Systems



  • Mac OS X Server is Apple’s Unix server operating system. It is used only in Macs.
  • Windows Server 2012 is Microsoft’s server operating system.  It is used on Microsoft products.
  • Linux is a server that you can install on any computer.  Sometimes you have to pay for it and sometimes it’s free.imagesGKXK7QHU linux maxresdefault